Our Legacy Journey

The Hereford High School Choir Legacy

      After many years of low enrollment, inconsistent attendance and performance in UIL Concert and Sightreading events the Hereford High School Choirs are performing regularly with success. Not only are they performing at these events but they are also a regular part of community performances throughout the year. The Legacy of this organization is dedicated to the students who revived her with a pride and passion truly representing their determined and courageous hearts to excel. It is truly a remarkable accomplishment for the Choir members at Hereford High School. BE HERD!

    The choirs perform regularly throughout the year and we strongly encourage you to support the Choir programs in Hereford, Texas. As the director, I have said in the past “behind every great teacher are many great students.” I am truly thankful for the many students who are following the vision and continuing the journey knowing it can take them to moments of great elation and personal joy of a job well done. These are the students who are living the fruits of their labor. They carry themselves and their choir with pride. As you peruse our website I hope you consider ways in which you can help us continue the legacy through concert attendance, coming to parent meetings, offering help with fundraisers, or even sponsoring us with monetary donations or your time.

                                                                    Miss Berg

                                                                    HHS Director of Choral Music


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